Azealia Banks Announces New Album ‘Fantasea II: The Second Wave’

Azealia Banks
  • Kevin Massey

    She is a horrible human being and I’m surprised after all of her nasty comments and actions against others this site would continue to support and showcase her. And for the record, just like the word ‘fetch’, she’s never going to happen.

  • Anthony Lopez

    “I left petty Jordan in 2017 (lies)”. On point! Now I know how to describe my own continued and expanding pettiness into 2018. #PettyWap

  • singletear

    I’m truly not a fan of hers after all the stuff she’s said, but Fantasea was a great mixtape so I’m not gonna pretend like I won’t be checking this out. What I always found so funny though is all the outrageous divisive things she’s spoken and tweeted about is NO WHERE to be found in any of her music.

  • I can’t wait !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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