Autre Ne Veut Remixed Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better” Into Something Vicious


ANTi fan-favorite "Kiss It Better" gets a menacing rock remix treatment.

I was hoping Rihanna would perform "Kiss It Better" at the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday, but instead she opted for the soul-tinged track "Love On The Brain," and thank God she did. Her emotional delivery was nothing short of stunning, which gives me new perspective on this ferocious remix of "Kiss It Better" by music mastermind Autre Ne Veut.

Ne Veut stripped away its harmonious melody, throwing in static noise and a blood curdling scream while leaving the original vocals intact. The song takes flight with flyby guitar riffs echoing past your speakers while Rihanna sings about the boundaries we set for ourselves in love.

Listen here:

Via Idolator

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