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Pharrell Teases New Gwen Stefani “Spark The Fire” Video

Pharrell Teases New Gwen Stefani "Spark The Fire" Video

Gwen Stefani didn’t see this coming!

Pharrell Williams surprised us and Gwen Stefani with a “Spark The Fire” video teaser during her appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week.

The 10-second clip shows Gwen in her now iconic cloud-print jacket (WANT) dancing in a club with the lyrics, cartoon stars and other glorious stuff popping up.

The two are also teaming up on a song called “Shine” for the upcoming family comedy adventure “Paddington.”

“I am honored to join forces with Pharrell and be part of bringing this beloved classic to life for Paddington’s next big adventure,” Gwen Stefani said of the collabo.

Anyway, this video is very Gwen Stefani 2014 if you know what I mean. And if you don’t, watch this:

Watch Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett’s “It Don’t Mean A Thing” Video

Watch Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett's "It Don't Mean A Thing" Video

Do wop do wop do wop do wop Tony Gaga.

I love annoyingly singing that lyric from Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s “It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” while I parade my cat around my apartment, so I’m beyond thrilled there’s an accompanying music video for the song to stop me.

Watch Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett sing “But Beautiful.”

“I’m very happy to talk to you on because this is a pop website, and I really want to express to all of the young people that visit your site that jazz once was the pop music of America,” Gaga said a few weeks ago. “These are the most famous pop songs in the whole world. They have been done over and over and over again. I appreciate you taking this time for the interview because I really want to expose young fans as much as I can to jazz. It is something that healed my soul at a young age, and I hope they love it as much as I do.”

The clip shows the two songbirds recording the Duke Ellington song inside the studio – playing off one another’s energy. Super cute tot see them enjoy each other’s musical integrity despite the major age difference (what’s age).

Watch it here:

Fifth Harmony’s “Sledgehammer” Video Will Blow You Away

Fifth Harmony's "Sledgehammer" Video Will Blow You Away

If you could take my pulse right now it’d feel just like a wrecking ball.

Fifth Harmony continues to slay the world and Michelle Obama with singles like “BO$$” or their cover of Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Their song and music video for “Sledgehammer,” out today, is no different.

The video has no storyline, rather a series of pretty glamor shots – but getting five girls to agree on anything seems like an impossible task, so glamor it is!

Spoiler alert! There’s a lot of wind blowing the girls’ hair and gowns amidst a cloud of fog and a random white horse. Unless it’s a sexual reference, then not so random.

Watch it here:

Tokio Hotel Checks In

Tokio Hotel Checks Back In

Tokio Hotel left the chaos surrounding them in Europe for the chaos in Los Angeles nightlife. A fair trade?

The band spent the last five years decompressing from superstardom before releasing their new studio album, “Kings Of Suburbia,” out today in stores in the U.S. (or on iTunes).

“We were kind of tired after the last album we put out in 2009,” lead singer Bill Kaulitz tells over the phone. “After that album, and all the touring, we felt like we needed new inspiration and we didn’t really know what to do music-wise. We felt like we’ve done it all, said it all, and I didn’t know where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. Also personally, we just needed a break. I wanted to step away from the career and live a private life. We couldn’t do that in Europe, so we moved to America to find that privacy.”

He explains they took a year off just to explore the party scene before constructing a recording studio and getting back to work.

Nick Minaj & Ariana Grande Are Teaming Up For Another Song

Nick Minaj & Ariana Grande Are Teaming Up For Another Song

Queen of collabs Nicki Minaj enlists Ariana Grande for “The Pinkprint.”

In a sly move to one up Iggy Azalea, Nicki Minaj’s requesting the vocal services of Ariana Grande for her upcoming album, “The Pinkprint,” out December 15.

Listen To Ariana Grande’s “Santa Tell Me.”

Ariana posted a photo of her in the recording studio on Instagram with a caption confirming the feature, but later changed it.

Watch Eminem’s Inspiring Music Video For “Guts Over Fear” Featuring Sia

Watch Eminem's Inspiring Music Video For "Guts Over Fear" Featuring Sia

Eminem gets gutsy in his new music video.

Em’s Syndrome-clip for “Guts Over Fear” shows an aspiring boxer facing major obstacles as he pursues his dream – his dad’s an alcoholic, his pregnant girlfriend, his low-wage job can’t pay the bills – but he carries on and continues.

Eminem raps about “writing the same old song” recycled over and over, but in doing so crafted something completely new and fresh.

Sia per usual does not make an appearance in the music video, instead using a model with vitiligo wearing her signature blonde bob wig.

They both show it’s not what’s on the outside, but the fire that burns within.

Give it a spin:

Oh Lord Listen To Iggy Azalea’s “Heavy Crown” With Ellie Goulding

Listen To Iggy Azalea's

Iggy Azalea spits “bitch I got it now” in new song.

Iggy Azalea complains about the woes of being famous in “Heavy Crown” featuring Ellie Goulding. The song has its typical Iggy elements: punchy beat and harsh lyrics. I’m not sure if it’s Monday morning or the fact I haven’t had coffee as of yet, but her complaining complaining about wearing a crown is getting under my skin. Girl you been famous a year, rrrrelax.

“Everyone said I’d never make it. Oh Lord were you mistaken!”

Look, I’m just not feeling this one, but I’d like for you to listen anyone and let me know what YOU think: