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Britney Reduced To Tears By Hecklers While Out Shopping

Britney Spears looks distressed after being reduced to tears by hecklers — when she dropped in at a newsagents.

She fled as three men in Santa Monica, California, yelled abuse about her fiancé Kevin Federline, 26.

One shouted: “Where’s your leech boyfriend?”

Another asked why Britney, 22, was wearing a Harvard university sweatshirt “when she has no brains”.

A witness said: “She went bright red and it looked as if she was crying.”

The Sun Reports Of Britney Spears Leaving Newsstand In Tears.

The Sun reports that Britney Spears was reduced to tears after being heckled visiting a newsstand the other day in Santa Monica. A man shouted at the singer, who was without fiance Kevin Federline: “Where’s your leech boyfriend?” Another asked Spears why she was wearing a Harvard university sweatshirt “when she has no brains.” A witness to the insults said, “She went bright red and it looked as if she was crying.”

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USA Today Article

A paparazzo stalks a pop star
By William Keck, USA TODAY
LOS ANGELES — Britney Spears is in the passenger seat of her black Mercedes G500 SUV, reaching speeds close to 90 mph. With fiancé Kevin Federline at the wheel, the duo attempt to outwit, outsteer and outrun seven paparazzi on their tail.

But there’s a third little face in the back seat of Spears’ G-Wagon, which explains the paparazzi frenzy. Federline and Spears are returning his 2-year-old daughter, Kori, to her mother’s home in Orange County, which means this could very likely be Spears’ first meeting with Federline’s ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson.

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Britney and Kevin Actually Getting Married Onstage at VMAs

And speaking of newlyweds — who could forget last year’s Madonna and Britney wedding-themed kiss. Well, this year’s over-the-top Britney in a wedding dress moment could be the real deal.

MTV wants viewers to believe rumors that Spears and fiancé Kevin Federline might be getting hitched onstage.

“Well, lets put it this way… There is a lot of stages here, some may look like a chapel you never know… It’s a good platform to celebrate your love. Lets put it that way,” said Calderone.

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