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Britney Spears 48-hour Birthday romp with husband

Britney Spears reportedly spent her birthday in her hotel suite engaging in a 48-hour romp with her husband. The pop babe, who wed second husband Kevin Federline in September, remained inside the couple’s luxury £2,500-a-night suite for two days in an alleged bid to get pregnant – emerging only once for a quick meal. Insiders at the exclusive Bacara hotel and spa in Santa Barbara, California, revealed that the love-struck pair hung a Do Not Disturb sign on the door of the five-star presidential suite soon after arriving. And staff at the resort claimed that the blonde babe – who celebrated her 23rd birthday on December 2nd – refused to open the door of her suite to room service staff trying to deliver flowers and a birthday cake. Meanwhile, the stunning singer is reportedly re-designing the interior of the hotel room where she spent her first wedding night. The pop babe – who wed childhood sweetheart Jason Alexander for just 55 hours before the marriage was annulled in January – is allegedly working on plans for the £2000-a-night suite at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas. Earlier this year Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, also designed a room at the Onyx hotel in Boston to resemble her daughter’s bedroom in Louisiana, which visitors could hire for £4000 a night.

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Paris Hilton & Britney Spears’ Dogs Spark Dangerous Trend

A leading dog group has lashed out at celebrity pet owners Britney Spears and Paris Hilton for inspiring a trend in pooches as accessories. Socialite Hilton, newlywed Spears and former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell rarely are seen without their canines Tinkerbell, Lacy Loo and Harry, respectively, and rarely allow the dogs to exercise as they are usually in the celebrities’ arms or handbags. Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Britain’s Dogs Trust, warns, “Giving someone a new puppy for Christmas along with a pair of cowboy boots or a fake fur stole is not something you should do lightly. “With the likes of Paris Hilton and now Britney Spears following this latest fad, we are concerned this latest fashion will have a detrimental impact. “Sadly, every year charities such as Dogs Trust have to pick up the pieces when people don’t think through the commitment of sharing their life with a dog. Fashions change, please make sure your commitment to your dog does not.”

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Britney Spears Putting Rumor In Doubt

Britney Spears isn’t behaving like she’s pregnant. Casting doubt on the BIG rumor, the pop princess was spotted smoking and downing four drinks at the Palms’ N9NE Steakhouse on Monday night. Back in Las Vegas for the first time since her 55-hour marriage in January, Spears and her new husband, Kevin Federline, showed up about 8 p.m. with her Chihuahua puppy, which she fed shrimp, pieces of bread and a saucer of milk. She’s a presenter in tonight’s Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden, her first public appearances since marrying Federline on Sept. 18.Spies tell me Spears, dressed in a black dress and wearing cowboy boots, had two house Merlots and two Malibu pineapple rum drinks during her 90-minute stay at a small table in a smoking/TV area next to the bar. Spears held her wedding/annulment dinner at N9NE on Jan. 3, hours after she married childhood friend Jason Alexander while partying at the Palms. Word has it she’s designing a supersuite at the Palms. Chef Barry Dakake surprised Spears, who turned 23 Thursday, and Federline, with his dessert specialty: a caramelized banana split with Tahitian vanilla ice cream, caramel and chocolate drizzle, strawberries marinated in grenadine and sugar, candied pecans, and mint.

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I Got To Thinkin…

This is my first opinion, editorial type of news ever, so bare with me guys. But, I got to thinking…With the new rumor floating about that it is “confirmed” she is performing at the Billboard Music Awards, I was wondering, there is not a better time to come out, and once again make everyone’s jaw drop. “My Prerogative” came out not even a month ago, sales are slowly dropping, because of no promotion etc… Also, the holiday season has begun, and everyone is getting gifts for their friends and families. If Britney did do this performance tomrrow, I’m sure she’ll do something that will cause controversey, that will make her once again an “over-exposed blonde on all the magazines.” She’s been out of the spotlight for months now, what better way to come back and launch her Greatest Hits album. Another thing to keep in mind, is Britney has also been confirmed to be nominated for a grammy. Her biggest threat on that list is Kylie Minogue…and I hate to say it, but when was the last time her video was on any music station…oh and did she have a world tour? hmm anyways that’s beside the point. If Britney wants to turn heads again, I feel like this performance could be it. Now if all this is bogus, and there is in fact no performance at the BMAs, then I’m wasting my time right now…but I’m praying she’ll bust out some “Do Somethin,” or “My Prerogative,” or maybe even the Megamix (::prays not::). Looks as if we’re all just going to have to cross our fingers and hope for the best.

I also realize that Britney is looking for that Mom image, because let’s face it, she wants to have babies, so shocking the world probably wouldn’t be her goal for now. But there are always ways to make a shocking performance without shedding some clothes ( even though I love those parts )…for example maybe a duet with , ohh…Justin Timberlake. HA that would be all over the press. So there are always options. I just pray that this performance is true, and real. If it is, Britney I wish you the best of luck and you’re going to kick ass!

Below are some pictures of Britney that are quite memorible from past performances…yeah you know what I’m talking about.

p.s. – billboard music awards show is at 8pm on FOX (so I hear)

Britney Nominated for 2005 Grammy Awards!

Best Dance Recording
(For solo, duo, group or collaborative performances. Vocal or Instrumental. Singles or tracks only.)

Britney Spears
Avant & Bloodshy, producers; Niklas Flyckt, mixer
Track from: In The Zone
[Jive/Zomba Label Group]

Congrats Britney! GRAMMY.COM
Shes also up against:Scissor Sisters,Kylie Minogue,The Chemical Brothers,Basement Jaxx Featuring Lisa Kekaula..