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Britney gets hated on in Jadakiss’s “Why”

“Why aint Rick James remembered for classic hits?
Why do we remember Rick for smackin’ a bitch?
Why did Ricky Williams retire, they mad at Miami?
Why did Justin sell Janet out and go to the Grammys?

Why you kill on every song?
Why you frown at the screen?
There’s so many thrones, why we argue who is the king?
Why I sold it for the gangsta?
Why I sold it for bling?
Why they hype Britney up, they know she can’t sing?”"

I think the forgot a line “Why is jadakiss a dumbass pathetic loser who wants to start controversy?”

thanks — whatdooya know, more negative news about britney…

Romance with Britney was childhood love: Justin

Former beau Justin Timberlake has reportedly called his four-year relationship with pop diva Britney Spears puppy love. The former N’Sync singer who is now dating Cameron Diaz, reportedly confessed, “Childhood love I guess is what she is. I didn’t go to high school, so it’s the closest thing I had to that ‘Sweet 16′ kind of love,” he was quoted by GQ magazine as saying. The couple parted ways in 2002 after Britney allegedly cheated on Justin. thanks

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Britney Killed In ‘Chucky’

It ends with a shot of Britney Spears driving her car along the road, only to be run off by Chucky driving a Jeep, after which her car explodes and she dies, only to have John Waters playing a member of the paparazzi capturing the whole thing on film, capping the scene with the cracking line “God Bless The Little People!”

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