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Kevin Has Another Job

Kevin has been hired as a “model” by Blue Marlin clothing company to pimp their new Five Star Vintage brand. The newly proclaimed rapper just shot the campaign and Britney herself made a cameo at the photo shoot.

More NBC Matt Lauer Interview

Lauer: Let me show you some magazines… These are all current. All right? I don’t have to show you all of them but we got one here: Britney moves on without Kevin. Brit’s new man.Spears: Oh no. That’s my security guard. Lauer: The final days, fed up with Kevin’s lies, he’s sleeping in the basement…. View Article

Britney And Matt Lauer

Here is a picture of Britney and Matt Lauer after her interview for NBC about the pregnancy, Kevin Federline, and her little Oops!… baby incidents. youtube link [1] youtube link [2] – she cries =(