Pop babe Britney Spears has rejected the traditional white wedding dress in favour of a bright red gown. The Toxic star – whose engagement to Kevin Federline was confirmed last week, following the pair’s three-month relationship – is desperate to avoid the stereotypical images associated with weddings, and is adamant she won’t be walking down […]

July 5 2004, 11:50 pm

Stalker threatens to stab Britney Pop princess Britney Spears is reportedly petrified after receiving a string of letters from an obsessive fan, who has threatened to stab her. The man, who brags that he has Britney’s name tattooed all over his body, has also been sending threats to Britney’s new fiance Kevin Federline. Kevin is […]

July 5 2004, 4:23 pm

“Sports bar waitress Felicia Cabiero, 26, admitted to The Mirror that she still hasn’t forgiven her first lover, and Britney Spears’ new fiance Kevin Federline – even after he begged her to take him back. “I just hope he doesn’t break Britney’s heart like he did mine,” she cautioned. After first dating at the age […]

July 5 2004, 4:09 pm

Happy 4th every1!!! Plus today is the 1 month anniversery of BreatheHeavy.com, so yay to that too :tongue: You can use it for your signature in a forum, but please credit, and NO hotlinking, or I will remove it ASAP. Click the thumbnail to enlarge —

July 5 2004, 12:21 am

According to a very close source in the process of the new 5th Album (Hits) the Album will have 2 discs. The first disc will contain Britney’s greatest hits along with some music videos (DVD), And the secound disc will contain 5 unrelased tracks, “justify my love”, “shadow (spanish)”, “chaotic”, “tell me what ur sippin […]

July 4 2004, 3:43 pm

Britney’s finace, Kevin Federline’s friends have revealed that that the couple is all set to break major news very soon. Spears’ publicist had earlier denied rumors that the singer was pregnant, but now the friends claim that Britney and Federline have some very different news this time. “I would love to tell, but Kevin would […]

July 4 2004, 3:16 am