Britney is currently winning as the queen of pop beating both Madonna and Xtina at 27%. Please support Britney by clicking here. Maybe someone can make another qwick vote lmao. Well there it is, please help britney, she needs us.

July 15 2004, 2:44 pm

That was not me on the tagboard, I did not say I want to close the site, why would I say that? I love breathe It doesn’t matter, that person has been banned from using the tagboard again. :laughing:, now whose laughing.

July 15 2004, 2:34 pm

A few weeks ago, the world was stunned when Brtiney Spears announced she would walk down the aisle with beau, Kevin Federline. But what does the mother of the bride-to-be think? Access Hollywood’s Tara Bernie sat down exclusively with Lynne Spears. “Has there been a date set yet?” inquired Tara. “Nope, not yet. Everything is […]

July 15 2004, 3:53 am

You can use it for your signature in a forum, but please credit, and NO hotlinking, or I will remove it ASAP. Click the thumbnail to enlarge — If you use it in a forum, please credit Adeel.

July 15 2004, 1:07 am

New on Britney Spears Foundation room at the Onyx Hotel inBoston, MA is open.The room was designed by Lynne to resemble Britney’s bedroom at home in Kentwood, Louisiana. Britney and Kimpton Hotels were on the same wavelength when dreaming up names for their most recent ventures. With a combination of pure coincidence and kismet, […]

July 14 2004, 11:16 pm

According to MTV News, the new MTV show OnTourage featuring the life of Britney Spears will premiere on MTV in August. Footage from the six-week European leg of her ‘Onyx Hotel Tour’, which begins April 26 in London, will be compiled into six episodes selling for about $1 million apiece, much more than most reality […]

July 14 2004, 5:58 pm

It is rumored that Britney will appear as Cleopatra and in underwear (Outrageous!) on stage to perform at the 2004 VMAs. You know how Cleopatra was always laying on couches or whatever… Well that would explain a lot cuz Britney can’t go up and dance due to her injury 😉 It is said to be, […]

July 14 2004, 4:12 pm

LMAO — some people have too much time on their hands, but I kinda like the hat anyway haha. If you really are interested in buying a hat like that, click the image. thanks paolo towers

July 14 2004, 4:06 pm