Hey everyone. I just got a new media host because people were saying viruses and spyware were being downloaded onto their computers because of the old host, but now this will not happen again because I switched hosts. 🙂 . Click the picture below to listen to the audio file: ‘Showdown Live’ which is in […]

July 11 2004, 10:17 pm

Hey — here are some pictures that were tagged previously, but I edited them in photoshop, and now they are tag free 😀 . If you use them please credit breatheheavy.com, and NO hotlinking. I untagged these because tags suck! and no one can use them in any graphics or blends if they’re tagged. So […]

July 11 2004, 8:30 pm

TeenMusic.comThe Complicated star, 19, claims she’s motivated by the thrill of performing her tunes, whereas Britney is solely focused on shocking fans with her wild onstage antics. She says, “I’m more about a performance, she’s more about entertainment and sex, being a sex symbol and trying to look like she’s having sex.” However, the outspoken […]

July 11 2004, 5:15 pm

9. The Day the Bubble-gum Burst (2000) Performing The Rolling Stones’ “I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction),” pop tart Britney Spears went from nice to naughty in nine seconds flat. In one amazing move, she managed to peel off her clothes and strip herself of her innocent persona. Teenage boys and creepy old men everywhere rejoiced. […]

July 11 2004, 5:04 pm

Click the thumbnails to enlarge — She’s so damn cute! Look at her having fun in the sand and takin’ pictures with kids…this is the Britney I know and love. JJB

July 11 2004, 4:08 pm

It was on Etalk Daily in Canada. Last year it was only 2.6% who said Britney should win. lol and The highest ever she had was with VMA’s 2000 where she had 18% percent. Now she has 78%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also the critic that was there said the reason people like her more is cuz she doesn’t […]

July 11 2004, 3:03 pm

Got some goodies for ya’ll — enjoy. Hope you like the wallpaper, I sure enjoyed untagging it :laughing: . love ya brit brit :tongue: You can use it for your signature in a forum, but please credit, and NO hotlinking, or I will remove it ASAP. Click the thumbnail to enlarge — If you use […]

July 11 2004, 1:29 am

By Jane Atkinson and Carole Aye Maung BRITNEY SPEARS bedded her childhood sweetheart “like an animal”, then wrecked his life with a 55-hour marriage that stunned the world. Now, in a world exclusive interview, husband Jason Alexander details every moment of the sex, the proposal, their Vegas wedding and his humiliation as furious family and […]

July 10 2004, 10:31 pm

July 4th turned out to be a real Independence Day for Jennifer Lopez, who announced that she is ending her nearly month-long marriage to B-list pop star Mark Anthony. Lopez intimate and former Access Hollywood host Pat O’Brien said, “The relationship had become stifling. She’s still fond of Mark, but felt they had really done […]

July 10 2004, 9:31 pm