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G.R.L.’s EP Is Out, Tells BreatheHeavy: “We Are So Excited!”

G.R.L.'s EP Is Out, Tells BreatheHeavy:

G.R.L.‘s five-song EP finds its way onto iTunes today, and it’ll have you bouncing around in your car, or your bedroom, or wherever you put your makeup on.

G.R.L. tells of their release:

“We are so excited that our EP has finally come out! We’ve been working on it for quite a while, so it feels great to share this with everyone.”

The tracklist:

  • Ugly Heart
  • Show Me What You Got
  • Rewind
  • Don’t Talk About Love
  • Girls Are Always Right
  • To promote their self-titled EP, the girls chatted with ET about their lead single, “Ugly Heart,” and taught some choreography to the poor reporter who hasn’t a cool bone in her body.

    When asked about the legendary Miss Britney Spears, the girls lit up and spoke highly of her, saying:

    Lady Gaga Walks Her Dog Like Dis

    Lady Gaga Walks Her Dog Like Dis

    When I go to the grocery store in a pair of gym shorts with a rachet-ass tank top, flip flops, hair disheveled, looking a hot mess, I think: ‘So happy I’m a mere anonymous peasant’ and can rock the ~no fucks to give~ lifestyle about how I look that moment. Lady Gaga though? Nope! Even the most mundane of tasks, like walking the dog, is a fashion show.

    The “Anything Goes” singer took a moment to take her pooch out for a breath of fresh, errr, for a breath of air outside her NYC apartment on Wednesday.

    The great thing about this photo is this IS her ~no fucks to give~ lifestyle. Only Mother Monster could pull off heels with a red gown and gloves to watch her dog go poop. It’s brilliant, it’s fabulous, it’s… Cheek to Cheek.

    Full pic below:

    Nick Jonas Is In Chains, But He Wouldn’t Change

    Nick Jonas Is In Chains, But He Wouldn't Change

    Nick Jonas is dirty, grimey and ripped in his new music video for “Chains,” and I wouldn’t expect (or have it) any other way.

    In the clip, the youngest Jonas bro faces all sorts of extreme obstacles to be near the one he loves. This includes:

  • Chains (duh)
  • Water filled church
  • Sky diving. Rather, falling
  • Bound to a chair
  • SWAT team
  • Himself
  • I’m actually pretty impressed with his solo work thus far! “Chains” is a cool song pop song that now has a cool video. Cool!

    “It’s definitely a progression for me,” Nick told MTV News when asked about this new chapter in his life. “I really wanted to push myself, work with some people that would help me grow and, you know, I kind of came to a place where I said, look, I’ve already had a full career at the age of 21-years-old and I get to start over and this is really cool and really approach it as a new artist.”

    Watch the video below:

    Katy Perry’s Fans Won’t Be Thrilled With Her New Rolling Stone Interview

    Katy Perry's Fans Won't Be Thrilled With Her New Rolling Stone Interview

    Katy Perry hates her fans. I kid! But she wouldn’t risk her life to save them from a speeding bull. Nope, she enjoys the posh life too much.

    “I’m not, like, a crazy ‘I’m gonna die for my fans’ type,” Katy Perry says in her new Rolling Stone cover story. “Some people are so dramatic about it, and you’re like, ‘Honestly, you’re not the Second Coming. You’re just an entertainer!’… I’m very grateful for fans’ support, but I’m not thirsty or desperate.”

    Orlando Bloom Nearly Punched Justin Bieber In His Money-Maker

    Orlando Bloom Nearly Punched Justin Bieber In His Money-Maker

    Love makes you do crazy things – or it makes you want to punch Justin Bieber in the face.

    Orlando Bloom allegedly tried smacking the Biebs in his mug at Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza, Spain, Wednesday night.

    “Orlando took one swing at Justin and missed,” a source tells People. “They were separated and Justin stayed at Cipriani with friends for a while before leaving.”

    The story goes like this:

    Will Britney Perform New Choreography In Piece Of Me?


    Rumor has it Britney’s changing up the choreography in the next leg of Piece Of Me, y’all!

    A fan wrote their recent experience in Exhale with a hair stylist who works with Brit’s choreographers. Kind of like a he said she said thing. Anyway, the story says Britney requested to meet up with her dancers to make some changes in the show because she gets bored easily and is ready for some new slayage. Of sorts.

    Britney comes back August 15. Are you ready?

    Check out the full fan story in Exhale.