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DWNTWN’s Indie Point Of View On The Music Industry

DWNTWN's Indie Point Of View On The Music Industry

I walked into the house where the band DWNTWN was temporarily staying before their show in (get this) downtown Las Vegas, and within 30 seconds was offered a beer. I knew the professional thing was to decline, so I kindly accepted.

The group began as a duo with Jamie Leffler (vocals) and Robert Cepeda (guitar, vocals), but over time felt it wasn’t heading in the direction they wanted and signed on Chris Sanchez (keyboards, bass) and Dan Vanchieri (drums).

I sip my beer and ask why they’re excited to perform in Las Vegas.

“We’ve really upped our live show a lot: lighting, gear, equipment, performing,” Dan Vanchieri says. “We’re really focusing on putting on a show, as opposed to playing song after song after song; a lot of practicing and rehearsals and getting ready for this tour.”

They nod in agreement.

“After this we’re going to work on more music again.”


Diplo On Working With Madonna: She’s A Legend

Diplo On Working With Madonna: She's A Legend

Madonna’s using a lot of Diplo for her new album.

He stopped by BBC1 Radio to chat about what he’s up to (a lot), including his time in the studio with Madge – an artist he didn’t expect to get anywhere with (lol).

“I never expected to accomplish a lot with her. I thought we were maybe just going to meet and try some things out,” adding he heard from producers she’s pretty hard to work with. The two ended up gelling well together.

He continued:

The 2014 EMA Nominations Are Out

The 2014 EMA Nominations Are Out

Katy Perry and Ariana Grande dominate the MTV Europe Music Award nominations.

You’d think there’s just a handful of artists in the music industry killing it (there are) after seeing the 2014 EMA noms.

Katy Perry has the most with seven (she’s laughing at Taylor Swift’s two nominations *Rooooar*), while newcomer Ariana Grande has an impressive six.

I can’t wait to see Katy Perry’s next colorful ensemble and Ari’s high pony. I am dead in the eyes.

Vote here.

And in case you’re wondering… here’s a list of the nominees:

Listen To Lady Gaga’s “Nature Boy”

Listen To Lady Gaga's "Nature Boy"

Lady Gaga is one with nature.

Fresh off their new jazz album “Cheek To Cheek,” Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett released a new cover of “Nature Boy.” It’s perfect listening to on a casual hike, at the doctor’s office or at home in those teddy bear slippers you refuse to admit owning.

Gaga said of the song:

“Nature Boy was composed in 1941 by eden ahbez, a wandering man from Brooklyn with long hair. It was recorded first by Nat King Cole in 1947. You will recognize it also famously as used in ‘Moulin Rouge,’ but our rendition with the now late multi-reedist Paul Horn is spectacular. Horn was meant to join Tony & me for the PBS special but sadly passed just weeks before, a New Age Jazz pioneer, lets celebrate him 2day.

You will hear his genius in the flute solo of our “NATURE BOY” a solo that will echo through the world today. And forever. #TheGreatPaulHorn”

It wasn’t until 1947 that the song was published, written sometime during/after 1941 while pianist Ahbez wandered LA eating only raw fruits. It’s just so interesting. This composer was part of a sub-culture of nomadic hippies! We channelled our own Gypsy lives in this performance.

Listen to it here:

Nicki Minaj Stars In August Alsina’s “No Love” Video

Nicki Minaj Stars In August Alsina's "No Love" Video

(No) Love makes you do crazy things.

Ever love someone but have to share them? That’s Nicki Minaj’s dilemma in her latest feature in August Alsina’s “No Love” remix music video.

In the video, Nicki and August play love interests. When he’s not at home with his girl taking selfies and shooting the breeze, he’s out at the club with his side ho – and it’s no secret to Nicki.

All it takes his a giant bouquet of flowers to win her back in the end, so there’s that.

I like it.

Catch it here:

Beyonce Caught Lip Synching At Paris Show

Beyonce Caught Lip Synching

Driver roll up the partition fast.

Beyonce was caught lip synching at her “On The Run” tour this weekend in Paris, and of course it was caught on tape. During her performance of “Partition,” a technical error glitched up the song, forcing Bey to crouch down to the crowd and pretend like shit didn’t just get real. Fortunately, her weave was not caught in a fan this time.

Beyonce fans are notorious for calling Brit Brit out, so this shit is hilar. To be fair, it’s impossible to sing live and dance hard for three hours, but, regardless, hilar.

See it here: