Ariana Grande Slapped With Copyright Infringement Lawsuit For “One Last Time”


Ariana Grande has one more problem after songwriter Alex Greggs claims she and David Guetta ripped off his original work.

Move over, Demi Lovato. Grande wants in on the legal drama.

In Greggs' suit against Grande, Guetta, Rami Yacoub, Carl Falk and labels Universal Music Group and Republic Records, he claims “One Last Time” copied a 2012 single he wrote for Skye Stevens titled “Takes All Night,” Variety reports.

His complaint reads: “The similarity between ‘Takes All Night’ and ‘One Last Time’ is so striking that it is highly likely the works were not created independently of one another,”

His biggest issue stems from the likeness in the chorus as the “harmonic background remains the same in both songs for the entire sixteen measures of the chorus.” Greggs is seeking $150,000 as settlement per each infringement.

Greggs adds: “Although the rhythm of the two compositions may differ to accommodate the prosody of the lyrics, there is substantial similarity on the most important rhythmic placement of the pitches on strong melodic and harmonic beats (1 and 3), which are what the listener perceives as most definitive of melody and, to a lesser extent, the harmonic accompaniment to a given melody.”

Listen and compare both below:

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