It Appears Britney’s Security Guard Almost Drove Into A Paparazzo Leaving The Hollywood Beauty Awards


  • CCsoldier

    It’s a shame it was only a near-miss.

  • Marc

    ROFL at the red carpet video of EVERYONE yelling ‘OVER THE SHOULDER!”… that would have been a hot shot tbh.. but I’m glad she didn’t give a f about them lol. Also, that douche yelling at her about k-fed as the car is driving is so stupid. Those guys are jerks.

  • Nico

    You should not even report this, Jordan. It’s bs.
    Paparazzi are the worst, yet they play the victim all the time. And they are right on the way of the car, on the STREETS even, while shooting their flashes at the driver, so they have nothing to complain about if they are run over.

    • Jordan

      I don’ think anyone should be run over tbh heh

      • Nico

        They were not. That’s an exaggeration.


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