Another Tragic Preview From The ‘Britney Ever After’ Biopic Is Here Y’all

It's all in the details.

A second trailer for the upcoming Britney Ever After biopic on Lifetime hit the net today, and it's even more cringeworthy than the first. The latest preview for the unauthorized flick checks off a few more "Britney" boxes, like performing at the 2000 VMAs, being asked about her virginity, getting engaged to Kevin Federline and winning the award for Best Pop Video at the 2008 VMAs.

Sidenote: the clip shows a beefy K-Fed asking Britney to get married, but in actuality... she was the one that asked. Because this biopic is based on facts.

There's even a 'thank y'all' thrown in for good measure. Watch:

This post was brought to you by buff K-Fed.

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