Alo Lee – “Greener”: BreatheHeavy Premiere


The grass is never greener.

Up and coming singer Alo Lee is one to look out for. Particularly any guy that falls in love with Lee, because their missteps could be her new inspiration. Take for instance her stuttery synth-pop track "Greener," the latest release from the vibey songstress. She sings about men who've taken her for granted in the past, and by the time they realize it it's too late.

"I've been cheated on in nearly every single relationship I've been in. But the ironic part, is that normally guys cheat, but come crawling back. And every single time, I've already moved on," she tells of the song's meaning.

"No one ever seems to make you a priority in their life until they realize they're about to lose you. I think nearly everyone can relate to the feeling of being someone's back-up option. I want people to realize that it's okay to move forward with your life. The person who fucked up will realize the grass is never 'Greener.'"

"Me and you had it all," she sings. "Now you're left with nothing boy."

New York-based singer-songwriter / producer Deverano is the mastermind behind the song's glitchy low-key production. He's also crafting several other songs with Lee for an upcoming EP which she says is "coming soon."

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