A Rihanna World Tour Was Kinda Just Announced

The full package includes:

Two (2) VIP tickets to Rihanna’s concert tour of winner’s choice.
Private Meet & Greet with Rihanna after the show.
Car service to and from the concert in city of winner’s choice.
An Autographed tour memorabilia program book and other memorabilia.
Rihanna’s ROGUE Perfume Collection, including Rogue Man, Rogue Love, and Rogue.
Rihanna’s MAC Viva Glam Collection, including a lipstick and lipgloss.
Exclusive tour merchandise in winner’s size.

I kid you not - they estimate the value as: "priceless."

The bidding war ends Dec 11 at 12:00am EST (currently none).

Expect that single any day now! Now I must carrying my laptop with me everywhere. And rob a bank.

Are YOU going to see Rihanna on tour?