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Britney Does Something After Her Workout

Britney Does Something After Her Workout

Britney chats it up.

After her workout, Britney changed into a white top and a pair of navy blue mom shorts for an outing with her bodyguard. One place says she was shopping, another says she was at a doctor appointment, so I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Loving the short hair doe.

See the full shot below:

Britney Kicks Off October In Shape

Britney Kicks Off October In Shape

Britney’s back in the swing of things.

After taking a few days off from her whirl-wind trip in Europe last week promoting The Intimate collection, Brit hit the gym to get in shape for another round of Piece Of Me shows kicking off later this week.

Dressed in a fitted black tank top, grey shorts, sneakers and her classic blue aviators, Brit clutched a Smart Water as she made her way from the gym to her car. I’m ready for her to support Wat-Aah! instead.

Might I add her bodyguard has excellent taste in handbags…

Check out the full photo below!

Ariana Grande Doesn’t Hate Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande Doesn't Hate Mariah Carey

Ariana Grande says Mariah Carey is under the influence. I mean, a huge influence.

That’s right, the diva who’s thought to loathe Mariah actually bestows her praise! Probably because Ariana’s following in her footsteps once more, releasing a new water line called Wat-Aah (Mariah released a fruit drink called “Butterfly”).

Ariana said:

Listen To Jessie J’s “Personal”

Listen To Jessie J's "Personal"

Jessie J gets personal on new song.

After releasing “Bang Bang” and “Burnin’ Up,” Jessie J’s slowing things down with this mid-tempo ballad called “Personal.” It’s solely a promo track for her upcoming album, “Sweet Talker,” out October 13th in the UK and the 14th in the U.S.

“When you fall in love. You can’t help it when you act like a fool.”

I appreciate she’s trying the fast-paced song thing, but I’m really feeling this vibe from her.

Listen to it here: