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Catching Up With Tinashe (ti-nosh-aye)

Catching Up With Tinashe (ti-nosh-aye)

Note to self: don’t mispronounce the name of the artist you’re interviewing.

“Hey Tinashe! It’s great to see you again.” I said to the “2 On” singer after she posed for photos at her album release party outside TAO nightclub in Vegas. I pronounced it “ti-nosh.”

“It’s Tinashe” (ti-nosh-aye), she clarified.

Mortifying. I pretended like it didn’t happen.

Tell me about your experience with the debut of your new album, “Aquarius.”

Listen To Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding’s “Outside”

Listen To Calvin Harris & Ellie Goulding's "Outside"

Now I’m on the outside.

Calvin Harris premiered his new song with Ellie Goulding titled “Outside” on Monday off his upcoming album, “Motion,” which you may now pre-order.

Ellie’s unique vocals coexist perfectly with the upbeat… beat. It has the potential to be a fun song to bop along to in your car, or receive the inevitable remix treatment and jam to it while you’re drunk in a nightclub somewhere.

Take a listen:

If Britney Spears Released An Acoustic Pop Album

If Britney Released An Acoustic Pop Album

BreatheHeavy heard a rumor Britney wants her next album to be acoustic-pop-ish.

That’s right, apparently Britney wants to run far away from the direction of “Britney Jean” (a.k.a. Will.I.Am) and get back to her roots – the “Baby One More Time” album vibe that launched her into superstardom.

If this is the direction she plans on pursuing, here are 11 things I’d like to see happen:

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe – October 18

Britney Spears Performs #PieceOfMe - October 18

Britney is performing Saturday night, y’all!

Britney Spears will take the stage at the Axis theater inside Planet Hollwood in Las Vegas on Saturday.