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Sia Sings Britney’s “Perfume”

Sia Sings Britney's "Perfume"

Sia gave an interview to ABC’s Nightline this week, sort of. She faced away from the camera the entire time in an effort to remain anonymous. They discuss her lengthy body of work, including DJ Guetta, Rihanna and Britney Spears.

During the segment, Sia sang Britney’s “Perfume,” the first time it’s been sung live since ever, and it’s magical. In fact, she wasn’t sure she even remembered the words, noting they make a song in 40 minutes and send it off and never hear about it again.

“I just lift these concepts off like crap television,” Sia says. “And then it’s like so fun, and I apply them to music… There’s a story. It makes us feel good, or it makes us feel sad.”

Check it out below and let us know what you think (Britney part starts at 4:55):

You Wanna Hot Body? You Betta Get Laser Fat Removal Bitch

You Wanna Hot Body Britney? You Betta Get Laser Fat Removal

It’s not a good day until I see a picture of Britney Spears holding a Starbucks. Today my friends, is a good day.

The “Brave New Girl” singer smiled and waved to nearby shutterbugs after getting coffee in Thousand Oaks. Soon after, Brit dropped into a business office.

‘What was she there for,’ you ask?

Nick Jonas Premieres New Single “Chains”

Nick Jonas Premieres New Single "Chains"

Nick Jonas is singing about his kinky fetish for chains and bondage in his new single out today. Not really, but the first hit off his upcoming solo studio album, “Chains,” does give swooning fan girls an insight into the mind of the very private Jonas Brother.

You listening Tiffany Houghton?

“I found my way to connect to the song,” Nick tells E! News. “I found it was really true and real. For me, it embodies that feeling of being trapped in a love that is kind of doomed.”

Jason Evigan-produced track (also crafted Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” and Demi Lovato’s “Heart Attack”) is Nick’s most adult song yet.

“Everyone has their own chains, in life and in love, that bind them and this song embodies that feeling,” he said to Complex. “I’m excited to be back to share this song with the world.”

Listen to it here:

Speaking Of… Britney Drops By A Lingerie Store

Speaking Of... Britney Drops By A Lingerie Store

Britney stopped into Kate and Lace Lingerie in Westlake Village for a little inspiration on Wednesday. Yesterday, Britney announced she’s releasing a women’s lingerie line that includes feminine lingerie sets, vintage inspired bustiers and kimonos, as well as relaxed loungewear such as jersey camisoles, shorts and sweats.

See the picture below: