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Hilary Duff: I Felt Like I Was Missing Part Of Myself Without Music

Hilary Duff: I Felt Like I Was Missing Part Of Myself Without Music

Hilary Duff stopped by the Billboard offices last week for a candid interview about her upcoming album, her extended break from music and working with Ed Sheeran.

“I’m nervous! It’s been seven years for me,” Hilary admits during a podcast with Billboard‘s associate editor Jason Lipshutz and Billboard associate director of charts Keith Caulfield. “I hope what I’m writing and singing, and how I’m singing and my taste and the content – I hope it’s what people that have been my fan, or are my fan, are going to respond to it, and I think they will.”

“It’s an exciting new journey for me, and I’m ready for it.”

That journey began when she was seven months pregnant, and started writing a lot. She took it as a sign that she’s missing that connection with her fans and being on stage.

“I was thinking I gotta get in the studio now and start the process at least until I have the baby, because if I don’t start I’ll get full on caught up in mommy land and never get out.’”

“I felt like I was missing a big part of myself.”

Hilary details a bit of the new music fans can expect to hear on the new album, including a song called “If I Fall,” a track about standing on her own two feet without the crutch of handlers or an entourage. There are party songs, a song for her son Luca, one penned with Ed Sheeran called “Tattoo” and a track about breaking up with her now ex-husband.

“The album’s very very personal, but I would say it has a happy spirit to it.”

Listen to the candid interview below (starts at 22:08):

5 Seconds Of Summer’s “Amnesia” Video Is Out, Wish I Had It

5 Seconds Of Summer's "Amnesia" Video Is Out, Wish I Could Forget

Boy bands are apparently still a thing, and Australian group 5 Seconds of Summer are riding that wave all the way to number one. They burst onto the scene with “She Looks So Perfect,” which only peaked at no. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100, yet found themselves at number one on the Billboard 200 this week with 259,000 copies.

They released a music video for their latest single, “Amnesia,” today which looks like a rip-off of an old school Avril Lavigne video with a little Miley Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop.” That, and the concept literally has nothing to do with the song. They could have filmed this and inserted any of their songs into it and uploaded it to Vevo. Yet, they still remain a pop force to be reckoned with.

Now 5SOS just needs to write One Direction a hand-written thank you note for paving the way and call it a day.

Watch their latest vid here:

Janet Jackson’s Releasing New Music Eventually!

Janet Jackson's Releasing New Music Eventually!

Janet Jackson is returning to the pop music scene in a big way, recording music for several years on the DL with producer Ian Cross.

Her last album, “Discipline,” debuted in 2008 – meaning the world’s gone without for over six years! Because Janet’s a busy woman traveling all around the world, Cross set up portable monitors for her to record music to “assure sonic consistency wherever they choose to work.” Meaning… her album is gonna be the shit!

Cross says the two became friends organically, so working together creatively is a breeze. A crazy, Jackson breeze.

He says: