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JLo Is Still Searching For Love And It’s Hard Work

JLo Is Still Searching For Love And It's Hard Work

Jennifer Lopez graces the latest cover of UK Elle, and though the mom-of-two looks confident and secure, she has vulnerabilities like everyone else.

In the new interview, JLo says she’s still searching for ~the one.~

Lady Gaga Reunites With Asia After Australia

There’s a special bond between a pet and its owner. After a long night out with your friends, you may or may not want to return home and cook an entire DiGiorno pepperoni pizza for yourself. In the event you do, your dog will still love you without judgement. In the event you tour the world for months and leave your precious baby behind because customs is intense like that, your dog will, again, still love you without judgement.

Though she was gone for weeks, Lady Gaga wrapped up the Australian leg of her “ARTPOP” tour and flew home to a surprise visit from her dog Asia.

A handful of paparazzi captured the moment between Gaga (who dressed in a blazer and fishnets, naturally) and her pooch.

She told fans:

Ears are back she was mad at mommy for leaving but it’s ok I gave her a pink couch and she forgave me

Because every dog wants a pink couch.

See the reunion here:

Maroon 5 Announces World Tour, But Who Cares Cause Adam Levine Is Shirtless

Maroon 5 announced their 2015 world tour today which is YAY! But they have no scheduled shows for Las Vegas which is NO.

Cities on the 27 North American roster thus far include Washington DC, Boston and New York City before they travel abroad to Germany, Spain and Italy.

Meanwhile… Adam Levine shared this picture of him and wife / Victoria’s Secret Angel, Behati Prinsloo, looking all sexy and bloody and shit on the set of the band’s new music video for “Animals.”

Full list of tour dates:

Britney Shares Photo At Jamie Lynn’s Concert

Britney’s continuing on effortlessly plowing through her breakup by hanging with Jamie Lynn at her show in Pomona Monday evening.

Brit Tweeted fans a picture of the two Spears sisters and their kids.

Hanging with family isn’t the only way Britney’s coping with her ex cheating on her – she put him on blast over the holiday weekend, telling thousands of fans in the audience:

“The best thing about your boyfriend cheating on you is that you get to go on another first date OMG!”

Team Spears also blocked what’s his name from contacting Brit, so looks like the only way he can see her is pictures like these!