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Jessie J's "Burnin Up"

Britney Spears Could Cast A Spell In Hypnotizing New Demo

Gaga Says Being A Pop Star Was Exhausting

Madonna’s Getting To Work, Bitch!

The Queen of pop is making music for us.

The unapologetic bitch posted she’s working (I assume heading to the recording studio) and referenced Britney Spears’ iconic “Work Bitch.”

Is she hinting at a duet with Brit Brit?! Ok too far.

She said:

Ricky Martin Says Adiós To Loco

Ricky Martin Says Adiós To Crazy

Just gimme a chance. To find a romance.

Ricky Martin is loco, loco for love in his new single, “Adiós,” out today.

The song, about trying to leave someone but resist because love is a Jedi Mind fuck, has both an english and spanish version. In the end he makes the decision he knows he must because the alternative is toxic.

“My heart’s on the floor. Thirsty for me. I promise I’ll walk out the door. Just give me one last pour.”

All I can say is Adiós. And I like the song.

Listen to it here:

Rihanna Spotted At The Recording Studio #R8

Rihanna Spotted At The Recording Studio #R8

Rihanna embraces her inner Neve Campbell at the recording studio.

Riri is hard at work on her new album! Photogs caught her at the studio Sunday night in New York City looking fine, fresh, fierce.

Neyo might be in the running to work on “R8.” He recently said he worked with Rihanna, but isn’t sure if he’ll make the cut:

Listen To One Direction’s “Steal My Girl” Preview

Listen To One Direction's "Steal My Girl" Preview

One Direction shared a snippet of “Steal My Virginity Girl.”

1D’s Niall Horan shared the clip Monday morning, causing wide-spread panic and millions of wet panties. The song is called “Steal My Girl.”

He Tweeted: “you guys wanna know what steal my girl sounds like ??”

“Everybody wanna steal my girl. Everybody wanna take her heart away. Couple billion in the whole wide world. Find another one because she belongs to me.”

Officially slayed! Who knew I was a 15-year-old girl at heart? My parents.

Listen here: