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There Is New Choreography In Britney's Piece Of Me Show

Janet Jackson's Releasing New Music Eventually!

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Are You Ready For New Britney?

Are You Ready For New Britney?

There’s rumblings Britney Spears began recording new music for an upcoming EP, and while that EP is purely speculation, BreatheHeavy.com CAN confirm various producers and writers have been asked to submit music for the Queen.

An EP may be what the doctor ordered! Her last album, “Britney Jean,” sold alright… Britney traditionally doesn’t enjoy promoting her music. If she releases a five-song set with new, experimental music following the last half of Piece Of Me next year, she may have her cake and eat it, too.

Speaking of new music, two songs were recently registered on the SACEM music database called “I Wanna Know” and “Don’t Cry For Me.”

What kind of sound would YOU like to hear? Leave a comment in Exhale – you never know who’s reading!

Katy Perry: I Want To Be In The Illuminati! Wait, What Is It?


Katy Perry wants to know what the Illumanti is, and then to be included in it. She thinks it’s using eye and triangle symbols, which a part of it is, so she litters her music videos, photoshoots and performances with them because it’s lyke so cool.

What she says… I can only shake my head (her cover features the Illuminati eye on it).

Katy tells Rolling Stone in her new cover story:

Rihanna Announces Men’s Cologne

Britney Spears Rihanna’s releasing a men’s cologne in September called “Rogue Man,” and thanks to the steamy male model and Rihanna’s name on the bottle, I will probably buy one. Or half a dozen.

In the classy black & white photos, Rihanna’s seen wrapping her arms around a white dude that looks absolutely nothing like Chris Brown.

I love the male model they used: masculine, tattoos, him looking into your soul while Rihanna tries to hide behind him. It’s marketing at its finest!

Her women’s fragrance Rogue debuted last fall, and was nominated for Fragrance of the Year at the FiFi Awards.

Pictures of Rihanna in the campaign shots below:

Britney Performing #PieceOfMe In London……?

Britney Performing #PieceOfMe In London......?

There’s a rumor floating around it’s “confirmed” Britney’s performing her Piece Of Me show in London starting September 23, with more cities in Europe in the works.