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Hilary Duff’s “Chasing The Sun” Single Is Available For Pre-Order!

Hilary Duff's "Chasing The Sun" Single Is Available For Pre-Order!

Are you eating a bowl of cereal? Stop it. Painting your nails and watching Youtube? STOP it! Looking at nakie pics in the dark? Minimize it STOP IT! Because Hilary Duff’s new single, “Chasing The Sun,” is available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes!

Hilary’s personally premiering the song at Marquee in NYC on Thursday.

Above is the artwork for RCA’s newest artist.

Get them coins out.

Britney Grabs Lunch After Coffee

Britney Grabs Food After Coffee

A bigger mystery then the original “Perfume” music video or “Rebellion?” Britney carrying a rug on the way in to lunch with boyfriend David Lucado.

On Tuesday, the “Rock Boy” singer grabbed a coffee at Starbucks followed by a meal with her rumored fiance and bodyguard.

Last time Brit Brit ate lunch with her man, she forgot to pay! No word whether Brit left her credit card at home, but I imagine she won’t make that same mistake twice.

Perhaps the rug goes with the new wicker baskets homegirl bought from Home Goods after her hike yesterday. Better get that home decor!

Check out the full picture below:

Kesha Stands There And Waves At LAX

Kesha Stands There And Waves At LAX

Kesha Rose took the opportunity to smile and wave to paparazzi at LAX before her flight Tuesday afternoon. That, or she’s hailing a cab because she forgot her spare supply of blue hair dye. Obviously.

The “Blow” singer looked summer-chic in a floral dress and sunglasses. Plus that flower band thing on her head? Yea, I like that. I want one.

It’s nice to see Kesha smiling, considering her journey in rehab this year was a windy one (did you read this essay she wrote?). She’s reflecting on that through writing and recording music for her next studio album out later this year.

So, YAY to that!

Check out the full pic below:

Lana Del Rey Is Complex In Complex

Lana On Complex Magazine

Lana Del Rey graced the cover of Rolling Stone last week with a kitty cat in a bed of white, silky, soft satin sheets.

This week she’s clutching her bosom in a blanket her grandmother knitted affront a hipster ocean background. Regardless, Lana gives a compelling interview to Complex magazine about her music, guilty pleasures, her boyfriend, smoking and more.

Here are my favorite insights: