Report: Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Tour On Track To Become One Of The Highest-Grossing Tours… Ever


  • Nico

    Eww so fucking greedy…..

  • @brocklovesgreys

    No, I’m not going to the show. And have you seen the prices on the tickets? It IS a total gimmick. I hope the stadiums are half full. According to the maps on ticketmaster, they will be. Maybe she’ll finally realize that her reputation is catching up to her.

  • Isobel R

    She’s a young talented girl , if this tour doesn’t sell for her I don’t feel bad. I am not sure why people dislike/love her so much? I don’t listen to her music but I do think she’s talented.

  • Armando

    Madonna says “Hi…” $409+ million on her Sticky and Sweet Tour and she didn’t have to rely on gimmicks.

  • Greg

    She will never top U2’s tour with 720 millions sorry


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