5 Seconds of Summer Have Feelings About Winning Worst Band at NME Awards

The annual NME awards took place last night and they wouldn't be complete without a 'hilarious' jab at the world of pop music. This year's recipient of the coveted, and not at all bitter, Worst Band award were 5SOS who lowered themselves to actually responding to this hipster nonsense by tweeting their (either genuine or faked) enthusiasm for the win.

Guitarist Michael Clifford had this to say about the ridiculous affair:

And the band's official account tweeted:

Whilst it's nice to see a pop act who can laugh at themselves (take notes Iggy), the whole thing feels forced and unnecessary. The NME awards have long been known for trolling the pop world, presenting themselves as an indie alternative to the BRIT awards. They've featured 'honors' for Worst Record, Biggest Villain and Dancefloor Filler (which Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX 'landed' this year) and their gag awards are usually, although admittedly not always, a way to make jabs at pop artists they feel are overrated. Your fave, basically.

5SOS probably would have been better served to rise above the whole thing, but if they had to respond, this was probably the best approach to take. Still, better to say nothing at all, in my opinion.

An approach NME might think about adopting too...

Check out the full list of winners from last night here, if you care.

What d'ya think? Did 5 Seconds of Summer deserve Worst Band? Were they really happy about their accolade?